Java development kit is a free set of tools for writing software applications, applets, and is the main toolkit for creating software on the Java platform. The JDK (Java development kit) consists of components, such as: runtime, compiler and Java API. You can use the link on this page to download the official Java development kit for free.

JDK was created by the developers of Oracle Corporation, the latest version of the program was released on 20.10.2020. The program is suitable for use both for beginners and experienced programmers. The JDK does not include a code editor, so developers who use only the JDK have to use an external text editor and compile programs using third-party command line utilities.

The JDKs come in several packages:

  • Java SE development kit - standard kit, suitable for developing PC and server applications;
  • Java EE development kit - with a set of tools for the development of enterprise applications;
  • Java ME development kit - designed for the development of applications for mobile devices.

The program is suitable for operating systems:

  • Windows;
  • Mac OS.

How to download Java development kit

Click on the Download button. Wait until the download completes and open the installed file. After the program is installed, start working.

The Java development kit helps to create and test software. JDK also has a lot of tools for Java software development and documentation. It is compatible with the well-known Windows and Mac OS platforms. It is accessible to the beginner and experienced user alike.